The Electric Colour Company (ECC) consisting of Andrew Greaves, Jeffrey Pine, David Smith and Roderic Stokes was formed in 1969.
As a collective working in the late 60′s and early 70′s. They where probably unique in the UK as they worked on the border of fine art and contemporary three-dimensional design, engaging in the design and production of signage, custom built furniture, shop designs, lighting modules, display objects, interior decoration, murals, custom cars and fashion accessories.

Prior to its formation they had all been artists supporting their work by supplementary jobs, and their original intention was to use the collective as a way to exploit their individual skills more commercially whilst continuing with their own studio practices. However, once they started getting commissions, this intention became thwarted as the new venture took all of their creative time.

Having attended art school they were interested in many aspects of  Contemporary 20th Century Fine and Applied arts as well as the Audio/Visual culture developing at the time. Whilst they worked well together and were friends before and after the ECC’s existence – Andrew Greaves and Rod Stokes had previously had various two man joint exhibitions – they did not subscribe to any specific ethic or aesthetic creed. Communication between them tended to be easy because of their shared cultural influences, which, when combined with their complimentary practical skills, helped to make their output cohesive.

Unlike many of the designers at the time, they usually made the resulting work themselves rather than having their designs produced by specialists, unless it was technically necessary.
This, combined with a slightly maverick attitude, gave them a broader working platform than more conventional design groups, allowing them to work in a flexible and inter-changeable way, without the constraints of continual peer approval. This had the advantage of allowing pieces to be worked on collectively.
The initial design for a job was normally undertaken by an individual, with the others adding their input when and where it was necessary.

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